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Frequently Asked Questions?

     1. Will installing aftermarket products void my new car warranty?

            Installing aftermarket products on your new vehicle does NOT void your factory
            new car warranty. If any problem develops that is directly related to your
            aftermarket product installation, any cost associated with that installation
            will be covered directly by the corresponding vendor. Obviously this does not
            pertain to any misuse, and/or abuse of the product by the customer. Any work
            done on the vehicle must be authorized by the new car dealer, or the appropriate

      2.  Who do I contact, if I need warranty work done on my aftermarket

           Contact your new car dealer to arrange warranty work.

      3.  What if I move out of state before my aftermarket warranty is

              We only use brand name, top quality manufacturers products to install on your
              vehicle. If you require warranty work done on your vehicle, there will generally
              be an authorized warranty center within your area that can service your
              aftermarket product. Contact your new car dealer and they will assist you in
              obtaining contact phone numbers in your new area.

       4.  Does my new custom leather interior require any maintenance?

               Yes. Leather is a natural product and requires a regular application of a "leather
               conditioner" to keep the leather from "drying" out. Fine cracks, etc can form in
               much more quickly if you do not "condition" your leather interior on a regular
               basis. (3-4 times a year) Leather conditioner for your vehicle is available at any
               auto parts store, or Target, etc

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